Monday, November 13, 2006

The Democrats Take Both Houses of Congress

Citizens sent a very powerful message to our government on November 7th. The Republican controlled government was sent packing as they forgot what conservatism was all about, fiscal responsibility and minimal government. Bad trade agreements, record deficits, bridges to nowhere and moral corruption were the headlines for the last 6 years. Cap that off with the poorly run war in Iraq, it was time to send the message we've had enough. It's clear neither party represented the will of people.

In a two party system, you have limited options. They are the lesser of the evils at the moment. Let's hope the Democrats don't actually think they were elected for their message of hope and clear direction. It's time to put this country back on the course for prosperity and hope for the middle class. It's time for government of the people and by the people and not the will of big businesses and lobbyist.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Mortgage Interest

Congress continues to chip away at the middle class, they are now considering doing away with the mortgagge interest deduction on your fedral taxes. let your congressman know how you feel by signing this petition

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Lame Duck

George W is a lame duck, so why is he pushing so hard for a "comprehensive" immigration "policy" when we don't even enforce the current laws? It's not like he needs big business, the people really behind these so called reforms, as he's not running for office (thankfully). It's not just Bush, it's McCain and Kennedy and few other Senators whose purses are being filled by big business. So what's his motivation? He's going against the wishes of most conservatives in office and most of his voting base.

Is he really on a war with the middle class? Something to ponder......

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Illegal Immigration

Why is it that the President and our Senate are on a crash course to produce a bill that will do nothing but harm our nation? I thought we elected these people to represent us?

I heard a report yesterday stating the real number of illegals is closer to 30 million. Our government seems fixated on a number closer to 14 million. Fourteen or thirty, what's a few million? Well no matter what the number is in millions, the drain on our society is huge. The cost of education, welfare and healthcare that many is huge. And how finances these undocumented workers, hereafter know as in my articles as illegals (if you park in front a fire hydrant, its not undocumented parking, it's illegal parking). The working middle class, that's who.

The argument goes, "we need them, they take work that no one else will take". Is it because some employers can find people to take that work at less than subsistence wages? If there was a vacuum of potential worker, simple economics tells us that to attract the worker wages would have to increase to be attractive to those currently here. In essence they are depressing wages by accepting less than subsistence wages.

Back to whose going to pay again, another argument goes "when they are legal they will not cost society as they will be contributing taxes". With less than subsisitence wages, they will be eleigle for earned income credit when they file their taxes. That means the Middle Class will be writing checks at tax time to them though tax refunds. In essence, we the Middle Class are subsidising the employers who are not willing to pay a prevailing wage. Most people in their financial condition end up paying a negative tax, they get back what they paid and more. So who pays? The Middle Class.

Now if we allow these illegals to gain citizenship, who is going to process them? We don't even have the resources to deport then as the current law requires.

How will we stop this illegal influx across our southern border. Why were suppose to ask Mexico if it's ok to build a fence withing our own border. Imagine that......

What happened to the oath of office our elected officials took to "serve and protect" as well as enforce our current laws?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Congress Gives Away Our Ports

Congress voted today to let foriegn owner ship of our ports, just one month after voting Omen ownership out. This is ubelievable in the kight of 9/11.

How much influence does business really have over our Congress and Administration?